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We at DELIST take all three pillars of sustainability into account with our offer and the entire company. Continuous sustainability management is a fixed task in the founding team and is based on the specifications of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and ISO 26000.

Environmental sustainability

All resources and means of production required in the company itself are only obtained from proven sustainable production. For example, the necessary equipment is serviced with IT components from lease returns. Through the increased use of home office models for employees, trips should be avoided as far as possible. The providers are contractually obliged to ensure the use of correspondingly sustainable products when providing their services. Our offer also supports you in protecting or optimizing the use of resources.

  • Provision of job tickets for public transport
  • Provision of environmentally friendly means of transport or the appropriate infrastructure
  • Conscious handling of resources in the company
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly and sustainable resources together with the providers

Economic sustainability

Our business model and the planned growth of the company are deliberately planned in such a way that they enable long-term functioning and sustainable and reliable economic activity for everyone involved. DELIST is permanently established as a service provider on the market and, thanks to its range, enables reliable growth for the providers in particular without their own resource-consuming marketing and sales activities.

  • Healthy growth of the company for employees, partners and providers
  • Building a sustainable business
  • Adequate and reliable income for employees and providers
  • Cost optimization not at any price

Social sustainability

We create jobs that are designed in such a way that mothers, single parents, people returning to work and people with disabilities find optimal working conditions.

For us, social sustainability includes above all a model of flexible home office and offers for health and work-life balance. In addition, we will actively promote social and community projects in the future. In addition, all employees are to be paid well above the minimum wage, which in the future will be supplemented by employee participation schemes, bonus systems and other forms of participation. The providers are contractually obliged to implement analogous goals for dealing with their employees.

  • Individual workplaces, job opportunities and workplace design
  • Taking work-life balance into account when organizing work
  • Consideration of the individual needs of employees
  • Creation of jobs primarily for women and people with disabilities
  • Conscious mixture of young and old in the employee structure
  • Fair payment for employees, but also for suppliers and providers
  • Responsible actions of the employees
  • Establishment of an open and appreciative approach and an error culture of the same kind

With our company we fight against bad working conditions and pay.

We support people in being able to adapt their work to their individual life situation and not the other way around.

Working from home and individual working hours are possible with us.

We contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by educating our employees and suppliers and showing how this can be achieved; Home office, e-mobility, avoiding trips, green electricity are just a few examples.

We are certain: Sustainability and profit generation do not have to be mutually exclusive, but can coexist!