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The Founders

Sabine Blumhoff was born in 1970 and trained as an office communications clerk. From 2010 to 2019 she ran her own company as a private assistant for various clients in Berlin. You can find here on Linkedin or on Youtube.

Manuel Böhm was also born in 1970 and has been working in IT since 1990 at the same time as he was studying economics. From 1996 he set up a consulting company for advertising agencies in the field of Internet use. From 2000 then worked in the areas of business development and product management for smaller and larger companies in the IT industry. His Linkedin page tells more details about him.

Due to their many years of professional experience and contact with a wide variety of tasks and people, both founders have found out for themselves that developing an idea, planning its implementation and working on this idea is their real calling. They enjoy communication and the integration of different people, their characters and talents into a “big picture”.