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The Idea

With DELIST, we are the platform on which people who need services and don’t have time to search are brought together with the service providers who are right for them.

We are the sole point of contact for the entire process, from scheduling to coordination and organization of implementation to billing. Users whose tasks are completed and providers who receive income from orders benefit from “one-stop shopping” on our platform and save time.

Users can send their task to us for completion via a portal that can be called up on the Internet or in a direct telephone conversation with our sales department.

After the request has been received, a database is used to determine which provider of a corresponding service under contract with us is available in the requested period. The users can then confirm the order with binding effect. Only then is the fee-based order to the provider triggered.

Invoicing takes place in the direction of user and provider after completion of the order on the basis of a time sheet with uniform fixed hourly rates.

We act as the sole point of contact for providers and, as part of “one-stop shopping”, take on all the necessary activities so that they can take on a task requested by users and receive the agreed payment in a binding manner. The provider invoices us directly.